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You must attend all practices and games unless excused by the coaches.   If you cannot make a game or a practice, you should see a coach personally.  Sending another player is only acceptable in an emergency.


If practice is missed for ANY reason, you will not be in the starting lineup of the following game.  The coaches will subjectively decide how much of a game or match you will play.  If you are absent more than half the day of school for illness, you will not be eligible to play in the game that day, but may attend the game in appropriate school clothes at the coaches’ discretion.


You should be ready for practice to begin at 3:30.   Go to the trainer right away after school to get a time slot or to ice or whatever.  If you are with a teacher making up work and are late, bring a note to practice from that teacher.  If you are tardy otherwise, you will have to make up the time during/after practice.


If you decide to no longer be a team member or are dismissed from the team, I will be in contact with a parent to discuss the circumstances. 




All players are expected to maintain passing grades.  If you are incomplete or failing,  you will be required to spend time after school with the teacher until work is made up or the grade is brought up to the teacher’s satisfaction. If incomplete, you will be ineligible until the day after the work is made up. If you are failing, you will be ineligible from the following Sunday through Saturday after the weekly eligibility is completed. Failing the marking period is a 15 day academic suspension from play.



Tobacco use (including e-cigarettes) is prohibited.  There is absolutely no exception to this rule.  If you use tobacco or e-cigs, you will be suspended from playing in matches for 15 school days, beginning with the next contest.

Drug and/or alcohol use is absolutely prohibited by all players at any time.  There is absolutely no exception to this rule.  Use of either will result in your suspension from playing in matches for 15 school days, beginning with the next contest.


** If offense happens during playoffs which cross into the next sports season, the 15 day suspension or complete exclusion will carry over, thus you will forfeit the winter season as well.



You should be on time for school (8:05 AM) regardless of how late we return home from a game.  Tardies to school will be handled by the coaches and the office.


The coaches reserve the right to search any and all gym bags, etc. if necessary.


            Warm-ups will be worn to away games.  You are to come to the bus dressed in your uniform and warm-ups.






All KAHS athletes are a reflection of the Kane area and our school.  Unsportsmanlike conduct is a poor representation of the team, the coaches, and the school.  Verbal or physical abuse of the opposing team or officials will not be tolerated.  A player will be removed from the game immediately by the coach if not by the official.  Further punishment will be discussed and assessed accordingly by the coach.


If you get into trouble at school, you will be held accountable by the coaches.  If you are suspended from school, you will receive a 2 day game suspension, according to the KAHS athletic handbook.  The coaches will decide if further punishment is warranted.


It is expected that players on the team are courteous and considerate of each other.  Team spirit and cohesiveness go hand in hand.  Disrespect and dislike of another team member will only hamper the efforts of the entire team. 


Practice participation and concentration are as important as game participation and concentration.  Each player is expected to show enthusiasm and effort that will allow her to improve personally while helping the team as a whole. 


The team is only as strong as its weakest link.  And that weak link isn’t usually associated with talent, but with attitude.  If you do your part and have a hard working, focused attitude, your team will win.  It’s up to each one of you.




            If you are not riding the bus home from a contest (including tournaments), your parents are required to submit a note to Mr. Fryzlewicz 2 days prior to the game or tournament.  Emailing him at is an acceptable form of request.


If you have a possible concussion, you will be assessed by trainer Krystal Perrett and the results will be sent to your physician.  You will only be allowed to return to practice/games after the physician fills out Section 8 form (from Krystal) and you return it to Krystal.


If you have an inhaler, you MUST have it practice and games to participate.


            To letter as a varsity player, you must legitimately play in ½ the season games. 

KASD Statement

Kane Area School District is an equal opportunity education institution and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex and handicap in its activities, programs or employment practices as required by Title VI, Title IX and Section 504.

For information regarding civil rights or grievance procedures, contact Mrs. Linda Lorenzo Title IX Coordinator, Section 504 Coordinator, at Kane Area School District, 400 West Hemlock Avenue, Kane, PA 16735-1696 (814-837-9570).

For more information regarding services, activities and facilities that are accessible to and usable by handicapped persons, contact Mrs. Anna Kearney, Superintendent at 814-837-9570.

Mission, Vision & District Values

Mission Statement

The mission of the Kane Area School District is to provide students with an engaging, safe and challenging learning environment that is shared and valued by all.

Vision Statement

The Kane Area School District will inspire our students to thrive and be productive members of their communities.

Shared Values  

• We believe all students deserve a quality education. 
• We believe all students have the ability to learn.
• We believe in lifelong learning.
• We believe in effective communication and problem solving.
• We believe schools must promote healthy lifestyle choices and a safe environment.
• We believe education must prepare students to demonstrate 21st century skills in an ever changing global and technological society.  
• We believe education must develop the whole person.
• We believe learning communities encompass the entire family, community and school.
• We believe the KASD Board of Directors, administration, faculty and staff should be positive role models.
• We believe education must engage, empower and inspire students to become good citizens with a strong  work ethic.
• We believe everyone should put forth their best effort and everyone should be held accountable.
• We believe education should foster the development of self-respect and respect for others.

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